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We are now shipping all four new releases!  All pre-orders have been packed up and shipped out.  We want to thank everyone who pre-ordered, as it was our biggest response to date.

DIVE080 SLAVE RAIDER – What Do You Know About Rock ‘N Roll?
DIVE079 SLAVE RAIDER – Take The World By Storm
DIVE077 SHOTGUN MESSIAH – Shotgun Messiah

The SLAVE RAIDER magnets are all gone, but we do have a few SHOTGUN MESSIAH magnets left, which are free if you order both albums. Limited to first 100 store orders. Exclusive to our store as well. Please be advised we are only reissuing these on CD. We do not have digital rights for these releases, nor vinyl.



Nothing Lasts Forever (Deluxe Edition) CD

Outside of CELTIC FROST and CORONER, the average metalhead in the ‘80s probably couldn’t name a heavy metal band from Switzerland to save their lives. But for underground fiends the world over, POLTERGEIST was always a thrash group that deserved more attention that they got their first time around the block.

Forming in 1987, POLTERGEIST signed with then upstart label Century Media Records after releasing two impressive demos. Their partnership led to the release of two obscure, but revered, thrash albums: 1989’s Depression and 1991’s Behind My Mask.

As the international metal scene’s tastes shifted in the early ‘90s, Century Media pressured POLTERGEIST to change their style up to fit into the death metal realm. Instead of cowering to their label’s demands, the band remained focused and crafted what would become their finest moment. Produced by guitarist V.O. Pulver and mixed at the famed Morrisound Studios by Jim Morris (Megadeth, Morbid Angel), 1993’s Nothing Lasts Forever found POLTERGEIST delivering blasts of Euro-flavored thrash of the highest order. Despite the artistic triumph the album became, the band broke up in 1994 after one last tour with fellow countrymen CORONER.

Divebomb Records is thrilled to present Nothing Lasts Forever in this special deluxe edition reissue. The liner notes contain archival photos and features new interview with POLTERGEIST founding member, V.O. Pulver conducted by Carlos Ramirez of Not only has the album been remastered by Pulver himself, it also includes their debut demo (1987) and its 1988 follow up, Writing On The Wall. This is the kind of exhaustive care and attention Nothing Lasts Forever has truly always deserved.

Exises CD

EXISES’ roots go as far back as 1978, but it took six years for the lineup featured on their stellar eponymous 1986 debut album to take shape. Opting not to follow  in the footsteps of such Dutch heavyweights as PICTURE, BODINE and VENGEANCE, who were all heavily influenced by the NWOBHM movement, EXISES looked to North America instead. Citing influences such as Rush and Van Halen, EXISES deliberately wanted to break the mold cast upon European bands in the ‘80s, a goal they clearly achieved.Originally issued in 1986, Exises was interestingly the first album by a Dutch “rock band” to be released on compact disc and sounded less like Judas Priest than any of their counterparts. It was a bold step for a Dutch band, but one that didn’t go unnoticed with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, their label, Megaton Records, couldn’t live up to its promises and a year later went belly up after declaring bankruptcy.

Exises has been out of print for nearly 30 years and was originally fetching astronomical collector prices until bootleg copies began to circulate within the European market. In light of this, Divebomb Records and the members of EXISES have partnered up to take on these illegal activities directly by issuing a band-approved official reissue of the album. We hope that we can take the music back and support the artists that created it rather than support those simply repressing knock off copies for a quick buck. As always, we are fans doing this for the fans.


DIVE076-coverDuring the height of the worldwide thrash movement there were several epicenters of activity. While New York and the Bay Area were perhaps the most prominent, Germany’s big three; Sodom, Kreator and Destruction were leading the charge on the European front. However, what some thrash fans may not be aware of is that there was a secondary stratum to that scene which had some phenomenal, albeit lesser known, acts recording some ambitious material. GRINDER were one of those bands who released three albums worth of “in your face” thrash/speed metal during their brief existence. Divebomb Records is excited to present a deluxe edition of their outstanding debut album, Dawn For The Living, which features not only 4 bonus tracks but new essay by’s Carlos Ramirez and archival photos provided by the band members themselves.

Dawn For The Living has been out of print for nearly 20 years and was originally fetching high dollar collector prices online until bootleg copies began to circulate within the European market. Divebomb Records and the members of GRINDER have partnered up, once again, to take on these illegal activities directly by issuing a band approved deluxe edition. We hope that we can take the music back and support the artists that created it rather than support those simply repressing “knock off” copies for a quick buck. As always, we are fans doing this for the fans.




David T. Chastain has gained a reputation over the last 25 years as a powerful, progressive guitarist whose music is centered around melodic, technically proficient fret board mastery. In addition to David’s virtuoso style, CHASTAIN’s distinct sound is attributed equally to Leather Leone’s superior vocals and commanding presence.

DIVE075-coverDivebomb Records proudly brings you deluxe reissues of The 7th Of Never and The Voice Of The Cult, further examples that David T. Chastain is not just a great player, but also a talented songwriter and band leader with an exceptional group of collaborators.

These limited edition releases are newly remastered from original album mixes and contain brand new interviews, full lyrics, archival photos and bonus tracks.

We are SHIPPING NOW.  Street date for “brick & mortar” stores and online resellers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc) is February 10th, 2015.



We have the fourth wave of our acclaimed BOOTCAMP series shipping now. This new wave includes FIVE (5) new titles by AZRAEL, EROTIKILL, WITCH MEADOW, ENERTIA and NIGHT IN GALES. You can purchase them individually HERE, however we are also offering a package deal that includes all 5 titles and includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.  Order package deal HERE.

If you are new to the BOOTCAMP series and want to dive in head first we also have a 20 CD package deal which will ship worldwide for FREE.  Order that deal or past BOOTCAMP waves HERE.


DIVE073We are now shipping copies of KENN NARDI’s new solo album, Dancing With The Past.  If you want to wait for Amazon and other big box retailers street date is January, 13th, 2015.   So be sure to pick up a copy directly from us and you can enjoy it two months early!


As the guitarist/vocalist/producer and chief writer, arranger and lyricist of Anacrusis from 1986-1993, KENN NARDI’s vision was a lofty one. He wanted to marry elements of classic metal, doom, speed/thrash, and early power metal together to create a unique brand of songwriting. Anacrusis delivered their material via brave and and forward-thinking arrangements while always maintaining a strong sense of melody throughout.

After releasing four albums between 1988 and 1993; the cult-favorite Suffering Hour, the quirky and experimental Reason, and two highly respected prog-metal classics; Manic Impressions and Screams and Whispers, Anacrusis disbanded in late 1993.

After lying dormant for over a decade, KENN NARDI resurfaced in 2006 to write and record a collection of acoustically-driven material under the Cruel April moniker. The project gave the multi-instrumentalist the chance to hone and tighten his lyrical and musical songwriting style without the constraints or expectations of any specific genre.

On his new album, Dancing With The Past, KENN NARDI has brought together all of the signature elements of Anacrusis’ sound…the crushing, low-tuned guitar riffs, prominent bass lines, sing/growl/scream vocals, introspective lyrics, and evocative melodies while adopting the more streamlined songwriting approach of Cruel April. The result is a mammoth collection of 28 brand new recordings filling two compact discs.

Dancing With The Past is comprised of music written as far back as 1994, shortly after the Anacrusis split-up, and post-Cruel April. The collection also features material borne from collaborations with his former Anacrusis band mates during their 2009-2012 reunion run along with a re-recorded Cruel April song in addition to the more recent compositions.

With styles ranging from classic metal, thrash/speed metal, orchestral metal, progressive metal, moody acoustic, goth, alternative, and new wave, Dancing With The Past in truly unlike any heavy metal album before it. Clocking in at over 2 1/2 hours, the double-disc set is sure to offer something for both fans of Anacrusis and of heavy music in general. Over two decades in the making, Dancing With The Past bears the fruit of everything musical that KENN NARDI has done up until now.

Originally envisioned as a new reunion-era Anacrusis release, Dancing With The Past features bassist John Emery on four songs (two co-written), creative contributions, and arrangements from original drummer Mike Owen, one song co-written with fill-in reunion-era guitarist Mike Henricks. With all of the other vocals, guitars, bass, lyrics, drum and orchestral sequencing, production, and mixing on Dancing With The Past done by KENN NARDI himself, it remains a “solo” album in the truest sense of the word.

The recording sessions were all done with one eye on Anacrusis and the other focused on creating something completely different. In other words, Dancing With The Past keeps true to the avant-garde spirit that made KENN NARDI’s former band so thrilling, while pushing the songwriting and compositional boundaries even further. Quite simply, Dancing With The Past promises to be the album Anacrusis fans have been waiting for only full of surprises they never expected.



WD ROT FRONTWe are extremely excited to say that we have talked with Michael Furlong and are now putting together a proper reissue of WILD DOGS’ legendary Reign Of Terror album.  The fans have been screaming for us to reissue this album properly and give it the Divebomb treatment it so deserves and we are now happy to oblige.

The album has been remastered by Jamie King and artwork will be restored and layout built by Adam Peterson.  We promise the best quality we can deliver.  Michael Furlong and Jeff Mark have committed to new interviews to help set the record straight on the writing and recording of this US power metal masterpiece.

Planned release is for March 2015.  We are still gathering materials needed to put this together.  There is video and audio bonus content to sort through.  We will keep you posted.

We have posted a remastered preview audio track online of “Metal Fuel (In Your Blood)”.