HOLOSADE hail from Darlington in the North East of the UK which was also home to such revered acts as VENOM, RAVEN, ATOMKRAFT and WARFARE. Unlike many of the above, it took HOLOSADE quite a while to emerge as a unit. The band began, in 1985, as a thought in the head of Phillip de Sade (vocals), but the right line-up was a long time in the making and it wasn’t until 1986 that the line-up was confident or stable enough to find its own style and really push itself through the demo Love It To Death. Although not the band’s first, it was by far the best, and ultimately led to their signing with Powerstation Records (TOKYO BLADE, CHROME MOLLY), especially when the demo was coupled with the tremendous live effect the band were having where ever they appeared.

Originally intended to be an EP, Hell House, was released in 1988 as a full length based on the label’s confidence that HOLOSADE had a surefire formula to success which combined a gritty mixture of Anthrax and Di’anno-era Iron Maiden. HOLOSADE delivered little in the way of sophistication and refinement, but they were a raucous quintet full of honest under-arm sweaty stains and intrinsically British. It wasn’t long after the release of Hell House that the plague of line-up changes resumed and HOLOSADE slowly fell apart with some members departing to such notable UK acts SABBAT and LITTLE ANGELS.

Despite HOLOSADE’s flirtation with the spotlight, Divebomb Records is excited to present Hell House in this special deluxe edition reissue. The 20 page booklet contains band supplied photos, archival magazine features, full album lyrics and audio compiled from analog sources and mastered by longtime friend, Andy Sneap. This edition also contains 6 bonus tracks, four of which are from a previous unreleased BBC 1 Rock Show Session. This is a reissue for the fans, by the fans.


Following the release of their debut album Hell House in 1988, HOLOSADE ran into all sorts of member departures (Simon “Jack Hammer” Jones taking up rhythm guitar for SABBAT and Damien “Michael” Lee jumping behind the kit of Scarborough rockers LITTLE ANGELS). The future became so uncertain that in 1991 they eventually drifted into a hiatus.

Fast forward to 1994, Phillip de Sade (vocals) and Gary Thomas (guitar) decide to get together to record the last batch of songs the group had worked up before it’s hiatus. Joining them once again was Simon Jones along with newer members Andy Barker, (drums) Steve Wright (bass) and Fred Purser from Tygers of Pan Tang on the keyboards. This new and revamped HOLOSADE recorded 12 songs that was a perfect follow-up to Hell House, but the industry had changed and they couldn’t find a label to support them or the release of A Circle Of Silent Screams. So, the recordings sat unreleased for 20 years, until now.

Divebomb Records is proud to present the first official release of HOLOSADE’s sophomore album, A Circle Of Silent Screams. Sourced from the band’s original DAT master and remastered by Jamie King, this album fulfills everything HOLOSADE fans have been yearning for and more.

Anthrax, Hallows Eve, Abattoir, Razor

Limited edition of 500 copies – new interview with Phillip de Sade – archival photos – 8 page booklet – new artwork by Steven Cobb