Joe Sims may be best known for his work in cult ’80s heavy metal act, Axemaster, but when the genre was going through a commercial tailspin, the guitarist was still slugging it out in a short-lived, Ohio-based band called REIGN. Their one and only album, Now & Forever, has remained extremely popular, particularly amongst the diehard fans of the genre.

Despite being self-released in 1997, the material on Now & Forever will impress any fans of seminal ’80s albums by groups like Savatage, Omen, Metal Church, and Riot. Recorded (primitively) live in the studio with minimal overdubs, Now & Forever showcases five truly seasoned musicians putting their bone-crunching metal to tape.

Had REIGN been conceived a few years earlier they might have had a shot at achieving success on a more widespread level.

Luckily, Now & Forever has made the rounds via blogspots and fan sites worldwide over the years, which has only helped keep its popularity from diminishing with time. With this new Bootcamp Edition, we hope to introduce even more fans to REIGN’s amazing singular release.

REIGN is recommended for fans of Savatage, Omen, Metal Church, Virgin Steele, Armored Saint and Riot

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