Our mission at Divebomb Records is to reissue vital heavy metal and hard rock albums of the 80’s/90’s.  We are sick and tired of seeing classic albums solely available via auction sites where fans are forced to pay outrageous amounts of money to obtain great music.  Our label’s appeal is to the record collector in all of us.  We all love going to record shows or used music shops hoping to score that rarity which has alluded us for much too long, but it will always remain the one that got away.  Divebomb Records hopes to end this cycle.  Our reissues will help music fans find those much sought after albums they have been seeking and hunting for years.  The difference with our reissues is they will be available for reasonable prices and at all the best distributors for this genre of music.  Making it affordable and accessible to everyone, old fans and possibly new.

We here at Divebomb Records grew up with LPs and were around for the advent of Compact Discs.  We love the physical aspect and the art of music as a whole and our releases will consist of professional packaging and faithfully restored artwork (aka – tangible artistic substance).  Music is more than simply mp3’s in your media player and jpeg’s on an Ipod. Music is art and we intend to support artists no matter how much time has passed since there was a spotlight shining.

We do this in hopes of keeping the heart and soul alive within this, sometimes, ugly industry.  We do this for the fans since that is what we are ultimately.

Matt Tribunal
Divebomb Records
Tribunal Records, Inc