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IN DIY STORES 3/10/2017

AUTUMN SILENCE originally formed in 1987, when a group of high school friends banded together under the name Prophecy. As a stable lineup settled into place, the quartet eventually changed names to Midnight Divine, and—with the addition of vocalist John Leese—recorded two previously unreleased tracks of searing progressive metal influenced by their growing interest in bands such as Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, and Vicious Rumors; as well as classical, jazz fusion, and prog rock.

This hard-hitting style carried over into the early-’90s, as the group had rebranded itself AUTUMN SILENCE and released the three-song Winter’s Calling EP in 1991—their first outing with former Without Warning vocalist Mike Gorham in tow. Encouraged by interest from Shrapnel Records honcho Mike Varney, AUTUMN SILENCE branched out even further on their final EP—1994’s Echoes In The Garden—pushing themselves towards a loftier, more keyboard-centric direction that explored their love of progressive rock outfits like Yes, King Crimson, and—most importantly—Genesis.

The band continued working on new material into the mid-’90s, but—ultimately unable to secure a record deal—gradually succumbed to the pressures of time and dissipated before the end of 1996. The music lives on, however, so now—more than 20 years later—Divebomb Records is excited to present Echoes In The Garden: the complete, 11-song discography collection of AUTUMN SILENCE; fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording; and including an in-depth, retrospective interview with the band. For the fans, by the fans!

Heir Apparent, Yes, Fates Warning, Crimson Glory & Genesis

Members went on to KING DIAMOND and HEIR APPARENT – Limited edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – Cover art by Steven Cobb – digitally remastered – band supplied photos – full color 20 page booklet with new band interview and full lyrics

Winter’s Calling Demo – 1991
1. Winter’s Calling
2. Pain Fills My Eyes
3. Dreaming

T.M.P. Sessions
4. Ludicrous Speed

Echoes In The Garden Demo – 1994
5. So This Is Home
6. Le Penseur
7. Echoes In The Garden

Midnight Divine Sessions – 1989-1990
8. Mirror Of Prodigy
9. Doubtful Expectations

Live Rehearsal Demos – 1991
10. Autumn Silence
11. A Prayer For The Dying

Bonus Track
12. Echoes In The Garden (Modifica)


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On April 22, 2017 at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, PARADISE LOST will be reuniting with members Mark Seely, David Privett, David Howard and Allan Phellps.  To avoid any confusion with the long running British metal act, Paradise Lost, the band have decided to update their moniker to PARADISE REGAINED.

The country music mecca of Nashville, TN may seem an unlikely home for a progressive-edged hard rock quartet, but that didn’t stop PARADISE LOST. Formed in late-1985 under the name Audience, the group’s core shared a mixed bag of influences including Yes, Journey, The Police, Rush, and U2—not to mention gospel, jazz, and ’70s and ’80s pop.

The troupe rebranded itself PARADISE LOST within a few short years—a banner that vocalist Dave Privett cites as “a name with some mystery that still encapsulated some of the paradoxes in our music,” and eventually secured a deal with major label imprint Gold Dust Records. The undeniably unique existential passion of PARADISE LOST’s musical journey—heavy riffs with soaring melodies, hooks with complexity, and a heavy metal look with a philosophical twist—garnered favorable press locally and abroad; even scoring a 4K review from Kerrang!‘s Dave Reynolds.

In addition to the band’s unsung classic self-titled full-length from 1989, this reissue additionally compiles previously unreleased demos and live recordings spanning 1986-1990: PARADISE LOST’s ear-complete history in more than 30 tracks. This deluxe edition also contains a 28 page booklet with in-depth interview, album lyrics as well as archival photos and press clipping from the band’s vault. For the fans, by the fans.


A few months ago we released a demo collection from German progressive thrash act, VARIX. To celebrate the release the band decided to get together and record an unreleased song entitled “Fear Of God.” They have now released a music video for the track. Enjoy!


APOCALYPSE reunited on January 28th for a birthday celebration and cranked out three songs.  Hopefully this is just the beginning and more shows will be happening very soon!


SUSPIRIA promo picSUSPIRIA got its start as a trio by the name of Corporeal Decay in Crystal Lake, IL in January of 1991. Building upon a melting pot of influences centered around ’80s metal, Bay Area and German thrash, and early death metal, within five months the group had released a three-song demo titled Divinely Impaled. Mere months later, the demo was re-released with new artwork, a new logo, and a new band name: SUSPIRIA.

By the end of the following summer in 1992, SUSPIRIA had solidified a five-piece lineup and entered Real to Reel Recording Studio with engineer Bruce Pedersen for their sophomore demo, Psychological Inertia. Eventually released in February of 1993, the extremely professional-looking four-song cassette further improved upon the group’s brutal yet sophisticated take on technical death metal, but a period of relative inactivity saw the band perform its final show that July, eventually fading into obscurity by early-1994.

Like fellow Illinois powerhouse Sindrome before them, SUSPIRIA had made an impact on the local scene with their impressive musicianship, but failed to secure a proper recording contract—leaving many fans and friends to simply ponder what could have been. So now, more than two decades after the fact, Divebomb Records is excited to present Psychologically Impaled: SUSPIRIA’s complete discography, along with seven bonus live tracks! Fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, this release provides the material with the attention it has always rightfully deserved—with plenty of lyrics, photographs, and a retrospective band interview conducted by co-editor Andrew Aversionline. For the fans, by the fans!

Psychologically Impaled is available to order now via our store HERE.

Divebomb Records Bootcamp Series is unearthing lost sessions, unreleased albums and long forgotten demos by unsung heroes of this scene’s past. These are cult bands for cult fans. Are you ready to join the army?


DEGRADATION PROMO PICDEGRADATION formed in 1992 amidst the same Florida scene that had spawned such greats as Deicide, Morbid Angel, Obituary, and countless others. That same year, the group laid down a raw, never-released demo with the help of Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery from the legendary Savatage, but it wasn’t until January of 1993 that DEGRADATION would enter Anything Audio in Pinellas Park, FL to record their proper debut demo, Look Into the Sadness (which was re-released later that year with some additional leads from newfound second guitarist Jeremy Baird, a.k.a. Jer Storm).

A marketing machine, the band sold more than 2,500 copies of the demo and scored rave reviews from magazines and fanzines around the globe before entering the world-renowned Morrisound Recording to begin work on the Revelation In Blood with Tom and Jim Morris. Originally released in 1994, Revelation In Blood was packed with technical, death-tinged thrash reminiscent of Sadus meets Forced Entry—self-described by DEGRADATION’s own Dana Walsh as “very dark, very progressive, very technical speed metal with a little more of a groove-based attack to the songwriting.”

Unfortunately, shortly after the EP’s release, DEGRADATION began to fall apart, suffering frequent lineup changes before Walsh—the original founding member—decided to put the group to rest upon receiving an offer to join up with fellow Tampa residents Brutality for their third full-length, In Mourning. But Revelation In Blood remains an incredibly rare unsung classic from Morrisound’s heyday—at times fetching more than $100 on CD—so now, more than 20 years later, Divebomb Records is proud to shed new light on DEGRADATION’s complete discography with this brand new reissue. Fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, the packaging includes updated cover art by Steven Cobb, complete lyrics, loads of archival flyers and photos, and a retrospective interview with Dana Walsh conducted by co-editor Andrew Aversionline. For the fans, by the fans!

The deluxe edition of Revelation In Blood will be in stores on 2/10/2017.  You can order now via our store HERE.


TERMINUS promo group photoBorn in Stockton, CA in 1990, TERMINUS spent a few years honing their uniquely dark and dissonant style of death metal before circulating a crude four-song demo, To Release the Unknown, to friends and fans alike in early-1993. The following year, in the autumn of 1994, the group entered Pus Cavern Recording with ex-Brutal Groove (and future Danzig) guitarist Joe Fraulob to track their lone full-length masterpiece, Creations.

Self-financed and eventually released on Stinkfist Records, Creations offered a refreshing blend of aggression and atmosphere through thick, chugging rhythms; unusual, semi-technical dissonance; and unexpected melodic twists—not to mention engaging lyrical themes that combined fact and fiction in an effort to “strike fear in the heart of the listener.” TERMINUS remained active for several years—performing live and promoting the album—before ultimately returning to Pus Cavern in the winter of 1996 to flesh out a follow-up EP. Entitled Tomb of Infamy, said EP was to explore a more complex approach with nuanced undercurrents of dark, industrial influences. Sadly, it would never see the light of day…

20 years later, however, Divebomb Records will finally remedy this injustice with a deluxe edition of the never-before-released Tomb of Infamy EP—freshly mixed by Kenn Nardi from Anacrusis (an old friend and occasional bandmate of TERMINUS bassist Chris Speciale) and including the seven-song Creations full-length as a bonus. Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, the packaging includes all-new cover art by Steven R. Cobb, complete lyrics, archival photographs, and a retrospective interview covering the history of TERMINUS by co-editor Andrew Aversionline. For the fans, by the fans!

Tomb Of Infamy (Deluxe Edition) will be available in stores on 2/10/2017.  You can order now via our store HERE.


Dutch rockers, LOVELL’S BLADE, have released the first video from their upcoming debut album Stone Cold Steel which will be available in stores on February 10th. It is available to pre-order HERE in the Divebomb store.


Excruciator Promo4Like their Portland brethren, Bewitcher, before them, Divebomb Records is honored to announce the signing of hard-hitting thrashers EXCRUCIATOR for the CD release of their latest and greatest album! Formed in 2008 as a reaction to the weak-minded trends and overdone “-core” music that had been infecting Portland at the time, EXCRUCIATOR’s mission remains to revive the spirit and values of true heavy metal, long-since lost in the Pacific Northwest.

In the years that followed, the group would proceed to unleash a four-song demo, the By The Gates Of Flesh EP, and debut full-length Devouring. Released by Heavy Artillery/Earache Records in 2011, Devouring found EXCRUCIATOR labelmates with other modern day metal saviors such as Spellcaster, Vektor, and Volture, among many others. Furthermore, the band has shared the stage with everyone from thrash legends Exodus and Forbidden, to long-running death metal giants Malevolent Creation, to name but a few.

Lineup changes eventually sidelined EXCRUCIATOR during an extended hiatus, but the quartet regrouped in 2015 for a split EP with Toxic Witch, prior to entering the studio to track their long-awaited sophomore outing. Fighting For Evil was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind at Falcon Recording Studios in Portland, OR. Featuring vibrantly violent cover artwork compliments of Matt Slime, Fighting For Evil dishes out eight new tracks of snarling, top-shelf thrash that’s loaded with energy and attitude.

Behold… and bow down to the might of the power lords!

Fighting For Evil will be released on 2/10/2017.